HydroGeoSense Inc (HGS) is a company dedicated to the development and industrial application of state-of-the-art technology in the context of reactive solute transport in porous media. Our project experience includes practical application of numerical, laboratory and field procedures, and monitoring systems to address variably saturated flow and transport processes in the context of design, troubleshooting and closure for the environmental and mining industries.

With a multinational client base, HGS is dedicated to innovation and assisting our clients to gather the necessary information to achieve their project objectives. Our laboratory testing techniques are quickly becoming the standard for hydrodynamic characterization of coarse and complex materials. Similarly, our monitoring tools are helping our clients to gather data at the laboratory, pilot and industrial scale to guide their design, implementation and optimization of reactive transport processes.

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HGS’ Process Design Philosophy

A successful design involving a reactive-transport process requires the following steps: conceptualization, characterization, numerical modeling for prediction and/or analysis, and monitoring of the process performance. Validation may involve feedback loops through these steps to arrive to an optimal design.