Design Parameters

Parameter Units Value or Range
Optimal Stacking Moisture %
Lift Height m
Maximum heap height m
Maximum Bulk Density (X m and Y m) ton/m3
Average Bulk Density (X m and Y m) ton/m3
Range of Solution Application rate L/hr/m2
Operational conditions under X-m Lift and an irrigation rate of Y L/hr/m2
Total porosity %
Irrigation Schedule Rate vs Time
Spacing between Irrigation Lines m
Distance between Irrigation m
Operational Moisture Content (Saturation) %
Water Make-up L/m2
Maximum Aeration Rate L/hr/m2
Spacing between Aeration Lines m
Distance between Aeration Orifices m
Minimum injection pressure KPa
Position from liner m
Residual Moisture Content %
Time to Reach Residual Moisture Days